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Rosie regrets the decision. So, perhaps in an attempt to prove how significant computing is in modern life, she auctioned her virginity on a German Web site. Inyear-old Alina Percea from Romania auctioned her virginity so that she could afford to pay for her computing degree. Alina Percea, 18, needed to pay for a computing degree. So it all started, as memorable days should, with a pleasant surprise. In SeptemberItalian model Raffaella Fico reported in an interview that she would auction off her virginity for one million Euros, but this appeared to be a publicity-seeking claim. Next, a list in chronological order of girls that auctioned their V-cards for really good money.

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The mystery winner, a year-old Italian businessman from Bologna, paid for Alina to fly to Venice where the couple toured the sights before spending a night in a luxury hotel.

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World’s Most Expensive Virginities

If a girl was really going to hold out until 22 to lose her virginity, would she be the type to sell it to the highest bidder in a nationally publicized auction? She reportedly consummated the transaction in Venice, and took a morning-after pill the next day as the sex had been unprotected. She claimed to have been inspired by Natalie Dylan, and reported that she found herself attracted to the auction winner and enjoyed the experience. Source 1Source 2Source 3 Photo. Maybe Natalie Dylan was for real, but the whole thing did seem strange.

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alina percea virginity
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alina percea virginity
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