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Upon meeting the sloth for the first time, he had found the sloth attractive, which had originally been his reason for wanting to join the herd. He wasn't even sure if he would find Buck in the first place. But despite what the reason was, he found himself looking forward to the months ahead in which the should would shine once again and fill him with warmth. He could feel an ache in his chest and could feel his leg muscles being strained. They swallowed the jizz without hesitation and once again licked up the cum that remained on their partner's dicks afterwards. Now that he had a fondness for meat, it didn't take him long to completely devour the bird's leg, leaving behind nothing but a bone. At the same time of Buck's orgasm, he felt himself climax as well.

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He was in no mood to make a new one and decided that a new one wasn't necessary.

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Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Besides, it wasn't like Buck was going to tell anyone. Actually castration does result in certain 'female' characteristics, because of the lack of testosterone: After seeing it though, the idea of a fourth Ice Age if it isn't called The Adventures of Buck leaves me cold. Ah, but who cares when you can sleep during the daytime? As he swung from it, he could see the world of the dinosaurs below him.

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ice age buck penis
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