Orion constellation 2011 amateur photography

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The difficulty comes in the kind of finesse and artistry to finish the images. Kerss said the shape is also interesting astronomically. Seagrave Memorial Observatory http: The wispy filaments pink and purple are clouds of gas and dust as seen by Hubble in optical light. This is an immense region of space hundreds of light years across. The pair are located in the Orion Nebula and have approximate masses of 0.

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Robert O'Dell commented about this Wikipedia article, "The only egregious error is the last sentence in the Stellar Formation section.

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Orion Nebula

Mars was about 2 degrees to the upper left from the Moon, and Antares about 4 degrees to the lower left from Mars. By Elizabeth Howell, Space. The current astronomical model for the nebula consists of an ionized H II region, roughly centered on Theta 1 Orionis Cwhich lies on the side of an elongated molecular cloud in a cavity formed by the massive young stars. In addition, Orion is quite a large constellation. Runner-up prizes included an iPod, books and DVDs. This gas and dust will one day condense into disks of material from which future generations of stars will be born.

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orion constellation 2011 amateur photography
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orion constellation 2011 amateur photography
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