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Jen closed her eyes and moaned as snakes exited her body and into the nurse's mouth. The snake's scales scratched the inside of her pussy, but she could feel the muscles of the animal writhing inside her, rubbing against her g-spot as the snake tried to escape. It crawled out and slithered towards Julie, who was whimpering at this point. She was dressed in a business suit with a silk blouse underneath, short black skirt coming to about mid-thigh, silk black stockings, and black high heels. The snake on the floor wrapped around her mother's ankle and slipped up the elastic of her mother's leotard.

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Stone sees how far Susie can stretch with the animal kingdom.

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It was paralyzing, more painful than anything. Have it end with Dr. Her torso convulsed from the pain, the energy running along her muscles. The sun on her shoulders diminished as she entered the tall trees beside the park. The manager was an attractive Asian woman in her early twenties, with shoulder length jet-black hair, long slim legs, and fairly large breasts. She felt the large snake tail, now lubed with her own cum, wiggling its way into her ass, and she screamed into the mattress.

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snake in a vagina beastility
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snake in a vagina beastility
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