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Women everywhere taped copies of the centerfold to their refrigerators, over their bathtubs and above their beds. Fortunately, the modern man was willing, even eager, to show off his body and be a sex object. At last a male nude centerfold. When asked to sum himself up, Burt has described himself as "Overrated as a personality, underrated as an actor. He's only 70, but he looks 20 years older.

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As it turned out, Reynolds was more surprised than anybody when he saw the photo that ran in Cosmo.

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Not-So-Historic Moments in NFL Penis

What was next, a private jet and a Cosmo key club for girls? Put it to a vote and ask NFL players… take your pick. A Little Life Rounded A blog about making and being inspired by theatre. Choose which channels you want to receive uncheck all to unsubscribe Gossip. They're also the only ones who use the term "queen" in this way. He started getting offers to do movies from every corner.

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