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Or maybe it was the grimace currently sported by the not-so-happiest-girl-in-the-world in her compact mirror. Jack Frost had been dancing on the ground, powdery snow. Somehow, in the span of 5 minutes and 43 seconds, she had not only prepared a small funeral chamber and shrine for Killirubes, Ruby had even ladled a huge portion of pumpkin soup. Constructive criticism is muuuuchhh appreciated. And all would light a candle in their carved pumpkin depicting their best qualities.

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Down and down she went, seemingly never reaching the living room.

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Part 1 Thank you, Nonnie for the interesting request! Like how they have a line on their chest, there is a similar line to divide the penis into two colours. At least he got every nook and cranny of her T-zone, even her nose like little trolls under the bridge, Wait for Korean-girl-face dreams to be fulfilled. This time, however, it was failing to snatch away a physical characteristic. Metal fingers grabbed her dress, the fabric near her collar ripping apart and cold steel scraping against her slowly scarring skin.

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