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Instead of calling it a costume at baggy clothes, a grill and a hat, she decided that the act would not be complete without some skin tone alteration. It was shocking in the s, it's pretty tame now, so it's time to lighten up and enjoy the naked ladies. There are more examples, but I'm ready to get on with this train wreck. Shortly after her contract was finished, she joined the ranks of women who make their living in front of cameras Realistically, I could have done an entire article on just these lasses. She was alleged to have dated and slept with a student who was 17 years old. To be more clear, I mean adult films of the soft-core variety.

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And yes, they ended up on the internet.

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She was charged with a DUI and for being a minor possessing alcohol. It was and when asked she explained that she had no problem being in the spotlight and while she had some reservations before her first scene, she eventually found the entire experience to be liberating and fun. So she decided to go to her party in blackface. She left the Lakers because of this scandal, which erupted because Bryant was married at the time. Along with Papagano, Baker was arrested for possession of oxycodone and illegal steroids, though fortunately her charges would later be dropped. She and the student maintained that he was not one of her students, but that their two families had known each other for years.

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  1. Its a shame she has to work with such less talented people. I mean it was painful seeing "Dad" try to improvise and move the plot toward fucking her in the gym scene. He would repeat everything three or four times. I really almost just quit watching at that point.