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The social group of wild chimpanzees in the Mahale Mountains. If a male does dare to pick on one of the females, all of the females will gang up on the male. An aggressive male chimpanzee looks on from behind a bush. At Great Ape Trust Bonobo Hope a bonobo named Panbanisha and her half-brother Kanzi became famous for their ability to communicate with humans through the use of a touch screen. Dominance relationships are influenced by alliances, and coalitions are formed by males—chimpanzee politics. It is used for pleasure, for avoiding conflict, for reconciliation, for appeasing, to divert attention, for bonding, for procreation—its role in their society is as myriad, or perhaps even more so, than in human societies.

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They share close bonds, and care deeply for one another.

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The behavior may make female chimps less likely to sneak off with a partner of her choosing during her most fertile times, Gilby said. Often referred to as the hippies of the animal world, peace, love, and sex is the bonobo way. He turned his head away. What's more, bonobos are clever, witty and sometimes downright silly. The males will stay with their mothers for their entire lives, where the females will separate into different groups during adolescence. But even if such behaviors have evolutionary roots, "this is not to say that sexual coercion or rape is natural and therefore good, or that because it's in our genes, there's nothing we can do about it.

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