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Let's settle down right here," while trudging through the scorching sand and dust, looking at the basically lifeless horizon filled with large, hot, dry, dusty, barren rocks aka "mountains"and fucking dying from thirst? The racially charged violence that has taken place over the last week has me wondering about a few things. Consider that they operate best when they have someone to foam at the mouth about. I hear this all the time. All you care about is that I talk to you about what's going in so you can micromanage development despite having zero fucking understanding of goddamn anything. All were coming in except one and some had a link appended.

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The platform included both the actual website for customers to use, a logistics system for routing between the merchants, the warehouse, and the customers, as well as a bunch of mobile apps for the couriers, warehouse personnel, etc.

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Why are millennials so anxious?

So I spent my lunch break writing up a little Python app which randomly fucks with his mouse and keyboard. Which took an hour of my time. But when I looked back at this, I just notice more and more retardation that happened that day. They ALL showed it on the right, however. And soon enough they discovered what was wrong.

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